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Birthday + Finals Week

Finals are next week!  So busy!  So much stuff to do.  So...quick post since I haven't updated in a while.  I don't update very often, but I will try to update more next quarter since I'm not gonna be as busy.

#ouran611  and Gary are cat-sitting a kitten named "Panda".  Cutest little thing ever, but he's not as smart and clean as Peaches.  Will post a pic later! 
#Need to make a poster for research conference in a week.  Ahhh!  I have finals too.  Going in tomorrow to work with Jason on this.  Anyone know how to use Illustrator?
#Going to Las Vegas with cal671087 , thtlam, and other friends over Spring Break! 
#Getting fat off of Quickly's.
#Still watching the following dramas: Uta no Oniisan and Boys Over Flowers.  Almost done with Legend of Star Apple.  Need to stop watching for a week, but they keep me awake.

I was totally bored in my Dev. Genetics class, so I decided to take a pic of this thing...Try to guess what it is.

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Eric is a ram

Busy Weekend and Flies

I had a very eventful weekend.  Usually whenever I go home, I do NOTHING.  I just relax and that's about it.  This weekend was different.  I went to a wedding and a baby's Red Egg and Ginger party in the same day.  Whoo!  Happy, happy for the baby and the newlyweds.  It's We Got Married for real!  My sis and I also took my cousins from HK out.  They came for the wedding and a vacation.  Anyway, they eat so little.  For Americans, everything has to be bigger.  We like things big.  Whenever we go out to eat, they're amazed by the large portions.  They're like "How am I supposed to eat this?  This is twice as big as the portions in HK."  This is probably one of the reasons why many Americans are overweight. 

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I had my first lab of the quarter and I get to spend ~10 weeks studying this model organism...

Yes....it's a fruit fly.  Gross, huh?  I'll get used to them...it's just a matter of time (at least I hope this will be the case).  From what I know, above is a female (just in case anyone was curious).

Now, I kinda have an Ohno wall.  It probably won't be as nice as stickerbox 's collage/wall of YB.  But o wells.  Thanks to cal671087 for the two new additions to it.  An uchiwa and a tote.  Kakkoii!

Countdown to Eric leaving: 10 days.  Boo!  No Eric for 2 years.  I'll prob post another pic spam of him on that day.

Whenever I go home, I usually don't go online, so I miss all the f-list entries and K/J-Pop news.  Now, I have to go back and catch up starting with Friday. ^^

Eric HP

New iPod, New Header, and New Experiment

Quickie about new things this week...

So new iPod nano...  It reminds me of the rainbow.  When I first saw it, I was like, "Whoa!  Awesome."  Too bad I already have one, and I'm not planning on buying a new one anytime soon.  I don't know how I feel about them going back to the old, longer candy bar shape...  But, they have new colors. 

ORANGE for Shinhwa!  RED for DBSK!  BLUE for Suju!... You get the picture.  I wonder if K-Pop fans will be sporting their fave respective group's colors on their iPods.  lols.  Apple made all these colors for a reason.  Instead of using glowsticks at the next concert, we could totally wave our iPods in the air.  Good idea, eh? 

Wells, I made a new, kinda blah header.  No more summery Eric.  At least, we get to see more of him now..cuz we know he's leaving in exactly one month.  *tears*

I started a new version of my experiment for research.  I wish I came up with it a month ago.  I wasted a whole month trying to make something that is practically impossible for such a beginner.  With a little tweak, I made this version in one day, and it works... (at least, I think it works...)  *fingers crossed* 

Eric orange

Sad Bike Story and Summer of Dramas

I have a silver and blue bike that I use to get around campus.  The brakes don't work.  They've been like that since the first month I got it.  Guess what?!?  It got stolen.  I hope whoever took it knows that.  It sucks that the most common crime in Davis is bike theft.  Victim #4353534....here.  Now, I'm gonna have to get a new bike.  I really wanted that bike to last me one more year.  For me, the campus is too huge, and I'm a slow walker.  Kinda need 2 wheels.

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To stickerbox: Guess what?  Lee Seo JIn went to NYU.  Did I mention he has crazy muscles?

SHINee is killing me...in good and bad ways.

Current Dramas:

Another Dream and More Eric Pics

Yay!  I got another dream about a celebrity.  I don't really know why I get these dreams, but I really do enjoy them.  The first one starred Se7en.  I'm not a major fan, but it was quite interesting.  Next, it was Ohno.  Ahhh!  I love that guy.  I wrote about that one in a previous post.  Wells, this time it was about a certain Shinhwa member. 

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Happy Birthday, Summer, and Obsessions

First of all,
   HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Chris aka cal671087!!!
I really hope you're celebrating!  It's orange!  (I bet stickerbox knows why...)

Well, I'm out here in my living room writing this out.  Why?  It's getting really late, and I don't want to bother my roommate's beauty sleep.  haha.  I tend to get super giggly when I'm "researching" my obsessions.  I have a feeling this is gonna be long.

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