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18 June 2008 @ 09:15 pm
MeMe Time  
Meme from stickerbox.  I had fun doing this.  I love looking at their pics.

1. Make a graphic with your Top 10 Asian guys.
2. In the graphic have to be a pic of the guy and an explanation why you like him, or why he is on that place in the ranking.
3. Post it on your LJ and tag 5 people to do it, too.

This kinda got hard to do at the end.  It was so much fun though. 

10.  Kim Junsu (Korean)
  • cute,
  • can sing and dance
  • cute personality
  • looks awesome in glasses
  • love his role in the Haptic commercial.  haha.
  • plus, stickerbox, we saw his tummy, right?
  • speaks Japanese now

9.  SG Wannabe (Korean)
  • I had to include them b/c they are so awesome. 
  • Love their amazing voices, esp. Jinho. 
  • I also watched a documentary on them, and they seem so humble/down-to-earth ppl.
  • They usually wear normal clothes...no funky costumes like Arashi.
  • Chae Dongha's my favorite, but he left.  Hate him for that...  Can you believe he has asthma?

8.  Mike He (Taiwanese)
  • love his smile
  • his bad boy turn good guy roles
  • kawaii
  • he's a model
  • another guy who looks awesome in glasses
  • his nickname means "little pretty".  lols.  He is pretty.

7.  Ethan Ruan (left) /Ming Dao (right) (Taiwanese)
  • they look similar and got famous after acting opposite Chen Qiao En, who is awesome
  • their shows are so addicting. 
  • those thick manly eye brows.  haha
  • love their shows and the characters they play.  They always start off as a-holes tho.

6.  Tae Yang (Korean)
  • wahhhh!  muscles!
  • personality
  • amazing voice
  • shortness --> easier to give XOXO
  • boy!  he can dance.

5.  Park Yoochun (Korean)
  • cute
  • personality
  • sensitive
  • his stage name is Micky. (reminds me of Disneyland.   I wanna go!)
  • he feels the need to introduce himself sometimes...tho we all know who he is.  haha
  • has a nice face--> he looks like a nice person.  I always love ppl who look nice.
  • once had a hairstyle that reminds me of a friend's current hairstyle!
  • plays the piano well :)
  • looks really great and smart in glasses (I love guys who wears glasses.  It makes them look smarter= a plus)
  • athletic
  • speaks Japanese and English

4. G-Dragon (Korean)
  • writes wonderful Korean songs..don't know about those English lyrics...they sound funny
  • his gone little messed-up tooth.   Why did you fix it?  I loved that thing
  • so cute.  look at that little puffy face.
  • his glasses and brightly colored sunglasses.  I'm so getting a pair of those.
  • his style.  GD's way more fashionable than me.
  • always fluctuating hairstyle...I love it then I hate it.  At least he's willing to try something new.

3.  Lee Sungmin (Korean)
  • such a cutie.
  • looks great as a blond
  • we share the same last name
  • born on New Year's Day
  • love his smile

2.  Kim Dongwan (Korean)
  • so handsome! and cute.  more handsome tho
  • personality-dorky (look at pic), mischievous, funny
  • nice
  • cares about other ppl-donates money when there are diasters
  • he loves Asia (haha); participated in Jackie Chan's I Love Asia thing
  • his songs are great
  • his smile is the best.  It's so cute!  *squeals*
  • he made Solbi kiss Andy on the lips
  • great body
  • great actor

1.  Ohno Satoshi/ Ninomiya Kazaunari -->Ohmiya (Japanese)-You know who they are.  I don't need to tell who's on the right and who's on the left, right?
  • Ohno's my true #1, but Ohmiya...What can I say?  I just love them together.  If I had to separate them, Ohno will still be #1 with Dongwan at #2, and Nino at #3. 
  • both short--> easy for XOXO
  • they look great in glasses
  • Ohno
    • so cute
    • personality-all aspects of it
    • amazing voice
    • can dance well
    • talented artist in so many ways
    • hilarious
    • spazzy
    • thinks everything tastes great--> he will eat whatever I make him.  :)
    • Ohno=great name.  I can smile whenever I say "Oh No!"
    • gets into fights with Nakai...those are so fun to watch even tho they are probably fake
    • he loves his mommy
    • he "don't speak English!"  (haha!..If you don't know what I'm talking about...go here)
    • love his facial expression, espeially when he's lost
    • he doesn't care what he wears-Does this help explain why their costumes are so ugly?  It also means I can help him pick out his clothes.  haha
  • Nino
    • great actor
    • wahhh kawaii-look at that pic!
    • loves his video games
    • he's cheap-haha
    • next best singer after Ohno
    • willing to sacrifice his hair for a role-wahh!  i missed his hair in that
    • great hair (sometimes)
    • athletic
    • hamburger hands!
    • he likes touching Ohno's butt!  lucky him.

I kinda cheated by putting a couple of ppl in one spot.  haha.

I definitely need to make another post with gifs of these guys and post pics of them with glasses.  Cuz I love guys in glasses!  Dongwan definitely deserves a better pic than that dorky one up there.  Next post will prob be a pic spam of him.

Notice anything special about all of these pics?   They are all wearing__________________________?  They all look so good in it!

Alright, five ppl...I tag...everybody who reads this!

Present for stickerbox and myself:

Wannie and JJ!  Don't like that hat though!  Reminds me of Nino when he was bald in that movie...EEEEWWWW!!!  Who's hands are on Dongwan's shoulder?  Those are some creepy looking fingers.  The nails are so pointy.  They're not JJ's I hope.

EDIT: I need to add Eric somewhere in here.

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Stephstickerbox on June 19th, 2008 06:46 pm (UTC)
10. I pretty much agree with everything you said about him. And that is one hot picture. Look at that jawline!
9. I'm still surprised they aren't ranked higher, as much as you fangirled at HB. 8D
8. I didn't know you liked him that much! I only know him from Devil Beside You. He was pretty hot in that...I think more for his personality than looks though. What's that other drama he's in? Bullfighting, or something?
7. I don't really know them, but they look alike in those pics! those thick manly eye brows <--that reminds me of Siwon, haha.
6. Oh god yes. shortness --> easier to give XOXO <-- ROFL. There's no way he's never had a gf! He's too freaking HOTTTT. "Prayer" happens to be playing on my iTunes right now. *chest pumps*
5. <3333 It's true, he does look like a nice person.^^ For some reason, I don't get a nice-person vibe from Junsu...but Chun, yes! I think he pretty much forgot his English. ;__; I remember in some interview he forgot how to say "deer" in English and Junsu had to say it for him, lol. once had a hairstyle that reminds me of a friend's current hairstyle! YAY! :D
4. Again, I agree with everything you said. I think we should go to Korea just to pull on his tooth and make it crooked again. And also to give him English lessons, b/c WOWW he needs them. But choo know what? He wears his glasses at night, still 20/20!
3. Really, he's born on New Year's Day? Man, I wish he hadn't cut his hair. It's like he chopped off his innocence.
2. I'm surprised he's number 2. He's pretty adorable though. I want to watch his dramas! *throws orange confetti*
1. OMG THE BIGGEST SURPRISE OF ALL. XP Ohno is a strange character. He's like...either emotionless, or clueless, or wacky as hell, y/y? I'm jealous of his creativity! He needs to give me some of his talent. His black figurines scare me though. I think they'd give me nightmares if I looked at them enough. Oh sweet jesus NINOOOOOOO. He gives me a freaking tooth ache. It's too bad I couldn't get through Yamada Taro...lol. Maybe I'll give it another try. The dad though....*shudders* I hate Ohno for stealing Nino away. D:

Okay, that creeper hand is not JJ's, thank god. But I want to know who the cropped out person is!

And I think...I may have gotten my own top 10 down. We've got 4 guys in common, and I'm sure you can guess which ones they are. 8D
cjplbm: Eric HPcjplbm on July 14th, 2008 12:03 am (UTC)
I'm finally replying to this. Don't hate me. haha.

10. I pick good pictures, huh? *lol at myself for praising myself*
9. Yes, I totally fangirled at HB. I like them more for their voices than their faces. I guess you could kinda say I'm shallow for not putting them higher. I love them so mucho tho.
8. He was also in "Why Why Love", which is like "Devil Beside You" (grown up version). Yep, he is in "Bullfighting".
7. Yep, they look alike, so I can put them together. muahaha. I'm a cheater. 10 is too limiting. I'm watching Siwon's mini-drama. It's hilarious.
6. I agree. He must've had a gf. I mean SR had one. Seriously. I'm waiting for you to join ybaday. I've joined so many "____aday" communities. There's dongwanaday, ericaday, hangengaday, kibumaday, etc. So much fun.
5. I love guys who look like they are nice. I like nice guys too. It's a plus if they have a nice face and is actually nice. How's your hair?
4. Yea, you could totally help him with his English and song writing. I can't stand those lyrics. I like their Korean songs more, b/c I can't understand them. I'm sure they at least make sense (kinda?).
3. So cute. That's all I have to say.
2. I want to watch his drama too, but he's a jerk in the one that I found. I'm not sure I really want to see him like that...
1. hai hai. Ohmiya desu. Well more Ohno of course. I started watching Maou. I'll tell you about that later. Ohno is the best-EST. He's not emotionless...He's just zoning out. The guy is indeed strange. I was watching D no Arashi, and he thot carbonated miso soup tasted great. Weird... I love him tho. You're freakin' creative. I'm not. That's why I'm a science major.
You should get through Yamada Taro just to watch the last episode with Ohno's cameo. So hilarious.

Watch that hand be someone from Shinhwa or DBSK. lol.

You still need to post your TOP 10 (or TOP 10+ like me).