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14 July 2008 @ 02:18 am
Another Dream and More Eric Pics  
Yay!  I got another dream about a celebrity.  I don't really know why I get these dreams, but I really do enjoy them.  The first one starred Se7en.  I'm not a major fan, but it was quite interesting.  Next, it was Ohno.  Ahhh!  I love that guy.  I wrote about that one in a previous post.  Wells, this time it was about a certain Shinhwa member. 

The night before I was working on my profile's Bio section.  As you can see, I actually have something there now.  I was looking at Eric pics for a good couple of hours.  When I finally went to sleep, it was really late.  I woke up briefly.  I went back to sleep, and I think that's when I started to have my dream.  It was about ERIC!  When I woke up after the Eric dream, I went straight for a pen and paper and started writing down my dream.  My roommate, who was awake at the time, was totally confused by this. 

Here goes...I wish I had it again.
We start off at a concert (reference to the wonderful time I had at HB?). 
 was there with me.  After the concert, we went into this huge room and started taking pics with some of the performers.  There weren't that many fans at this moment.  Then, Eric walks in, and I wanted to take pics with him.  
didn't want to stand next to him, so I happily stood next to him.  He fixed his gray jacket.  Then, he put his arms around me for the pic.  *squeals*  :)  Then, all of a sudden, these other ppl wanted to get into the picture.  The semi-nightmare begins here...Then, a girl tries to steal my purse.  (I don't know why I have a purse b/c I don't usually carry a bag around.  Sign to why I should not carry a purse?)  I get out of the group and go after her.  She goes for my wallet.  Then, a guy tells her "Don't you know she doesn't have more than $10 in there?"  I don't know whether to take that as being helpful or just him implying that I'm poor.  (end of semi-nightmare).  In the end, I get my stuff back, but I'm already crying my eyes out (b/c of that girl.  ergg!)  I should totally have forgotten the wallet and just stayed in the pic. 

The better part of the dream. 

 and I are back outside, and we are both crying.  I forgot why she was crying though.  Then, I see Eric walk outside too.  He was now wearing a white jacket.  It looked really good on him.  I end up getting a couple of pictures taken and his autograph.  Whee!  :)  Ahhh, freakin' hot!  After that, we watch an old movie at the high school that I attended. 
 and I were separated by these two ppl.  When the movie started, she was sleeping all over the next person.  lols.  That was about it.

I'm hoping for one about Dongwan or another about Ohno and/or Eric.  Definitely prefer if all of them was in it...

Eric Time:

Starting off with a youtube video of Eric on Loveletter.  I'm addicted to this show btw.  Why don't we have variety shows like these in the US?  Boo.  They're so much fun.  Now, back to Eric.  This video is hilarious.

Pics.  Pics.  Pics.  There's gonna be a ton.

^ That newspaper is in English.  I wonder if he's really reading it 'tho he does speak English.

^Looks great even when stuffing his face. 

The next couple pics are some of my faves.  Such a great model.

Love a guy who looks great in glasses. 

Another great one:

I'm gonna join Eric in my/his dreams.  Whatever.
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Talianajinjja on July 14th, 2008 10:37 am (UTC)
Eric is such a sexy namja.
cjplbmcjplbm on July 15th, 2008 12:10 am (UTC)
O yea he so is! I love ericaday.