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30 July 2008 @ 11:59 pm
Another Celeb Dream + School + Fangirl = This Week  
I love my celeb dreams.  God...Please bless me with one every week.  Thanks so much!

OMG!  I am so freakin lucky (or I'm just thinking about K-Pop too much).  Well, the guy this time is Han Kyung/HanGeng from Super Junior.  I already forgot the first part of my dream already.  It wasn't that important anyway.  Summed up: Japan vs. US, 2 rooms, and me in the Japanese room.  US room cheers really loud, so that we can hear it in Japan room.  Japan room thinks US room is stupid for making a ruckus.

We're going to go eat.  I see my mom and my sister sitting at a table with some guy.  The guy looks like he's about to go on a date.  He's all dressed up and stuff.  I ask them why are they sitting here b/c it looked like they were sitting at the wrong table.  Then, I realize who this guy was...Han Kyung.  My mom answers me telling me that the guy works with my dad at the restaurant, and that he is very soft-spoken.  Anyway, my dad comes and sits down next to my mom, leaving me the seat next to Han Kyung.  The other seat next to him is also empty, and stickerbox comes in and sits in that one.  (So, it's my mom, my dad, me, HK, Steph, and my sister around the circular table.)  She, like me in the beginning, is also clueless to who is sitting next to her.  I say that I have to wash my hands.  I get up and nudge Steph to go to the bathroom with me.  I tell her to go wash her hands with me.  She seems reluctant.  Han Geng makes this "Keeeeek" noise that makes it sound like he wants her to go wash her hands.  That was it!  Thanks, Dad, for introducing me to Han Kyung in my dream!

This dream came when I was taking a nap.  Ever since I started proctoring last week, it seems like I've gotten really sleepy around 6-8 PM and must take a nap.  Then, I wake up around 10-11 PM, usually whenever my roommate comes back from her class.  I'm really trying to break this habit.  So this is my day...I go proctor and/or research that day.  I come back to eat.  I watch some Eric videos or whatever.  Then, I get really sleepy and take a nap.  I usually wake up when Lauren is wondering what she should eat after getting back from class.

I went into the lab early this morning to participate in another Psych lab's experiment.  I think he focused on auditory stims and behavior.  The one I work in focuses on vision.  He had me fill out some forms, and one of them was a medical questionnaire.  I tell him about my trouble with locating sounds.  For example, this weekend my sister Another grad student who also worked in that lab was also there.  I was also about to be a subject for him, but that didn't work out.  I have trouble locating sounds, and that would affect the results of the exp.  Anyway, I was there for a good 2.5 hrs.  I thought he said that he would pay 15 dollars for the entire exp, but I guess I heard wrong.  It was $15/ hour.  That is a lot more than what I get paid for proctoring students.  Somehow, I like being a guinea pig for Psych exp.  I think they're fun.  lol.  I would do it even if I didn't get paid.  Yes, I'm a nerd/dork.  8]

Good news!  I finally finished programming one experiment.  I kinda liked the math component of it.  It took a lot of brain juice, but I did it.  It took me awhile to figure out how to have an absolute function cycle over and over (so it looks like zig-zags).  Anyway, I'm happy.  Now, I need to figure out another version of the same thing.

Here's some more fangirl stuff:
I finished Eric's drama Que Sera Sera.  He looked amazing in it.  The show was kinda blah itself, so you know the real reason why I watched it.  I-candy.  Love it.  I love candy.  Chocolate!  Godiva's hazelnut domes.  :)  There were some hot bboe bboes.  Kinda jealous.

Looking good with a busted lip...

Honey, you are the best!

Promo pics:

O yea, it has a lot of your fave. K-artists in the OST for this...stickerbox

When is cal671087 coming back?  I need to see pics and hear stories.

Finally...Go Ohno!  At least, now I know you have a life outside of art, Arashi, and fishing!  Don't really care if it's true.
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Current Music: "Smile" by Super Junior
Stephstickerbox on July 31st, 2008 07:22 am (UTC)
What a lovely dream THAT I DIDN'T HAVE.;____; It's like...so random. What does the first part about the Japan vs. US thing have anything to do with the rest of the dream? lol. And Hangeng awwwww. He'd definitely be reserved in RL.

I didn't know you were proctoring. And yehey~ for programming your first experiment!

Hmm...Eric's kinda hot. For some reason I really like him in the 3rd screencap. Maybe it's the glazed over look, lulz. Which artists are in the OST? And which songs??

I think Chris is having too much in Japan. He's going to stay there forever.

Hwaiting~ Ohno! I love mixing korean w/ jpop. :D
cjplbmcjplbm on July 31st, 2008 09:02 am (UTC)
My dreams are so random. Love them. My dad knows Han Geng. They can speak the same language! haha.

Yea, I'm proctoring the placement tests for the Freshman. I get paid for this <--, but not this...--> I'm also supposed to be proctoring a lab for next summer session. Whoop! I did it!

Look at those broad shoulders. Really reminds me of what your mom said about guy's shoulders. I love that cap too. He wears really spiffy clothes in this drama. The more I look at him the more I ♡ him.

Here's the tracklist:
01. Queserasera - Kim Sang Heon
02. UriNeun ("Us") - Lee Seung Yeol
03. Wolgwang ("Moonlight") - W & Whale
04. Night Time - Alex of Clazziquai
05. Bless You - Loveholic
06. DuSonEul ("My Two Hands") - Kang Hyeon Min
07. Teukbyeolhan Saram ("Special People") - My Aunt Mary
08. Beautiful One - Kim Sang Heon
09. Nunbushin NalDeul ("Shiny Days") - Horan of Clazziquai
10. Marillin Monro ("Marilyn Monroe) - W & Whale
11. Lemon (Organic Jelly Remix) - W
12. Lovers - Kim Sang Heon
13. DuSonEul ("My Two Hands") - Jeon Young Ho (Instrumental)
14. Marillin Monroe ("Marilyn Monroe") - W & Whale (Norma Jean Remix)

Chris is gonna be sumo! He needs to start training now. haha jk. Then, we have an excuse to go to Japan. We can say we're gonna visit Chris or support him in his sumo matches.
Stephstickerbox on July 31st, 2008 10:36 am (UTC)
yay for proctoring and making that money :D easy job, neee?

yes, i see those broad shoulders. they're very nice. maybe you'll DREAM ABOUT THEM. >__>

'Bless You' is such a good song! Loveholic ♥

hahahah. omg chris is soooo gonna be a sumo! that would be amazing! we could go to his matches and wave uchiwas around!
cjplbmcjplbm on August 3rd, 2008 04:18 am (UTC)
You can say that proctoring is easy. I get a lot of exercise running up and down those stairs.

*Hugs those broad shoulders* Ahhh...another dream would be nice.

He's gonna be one skinny sumo-->lightweight division? I'm imagining us waving uchiwas with Chris's head on it. haha.