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27 August 2008 @ 10:54 pm
Sad Bike Story and Summer of Dramas  
I have a silver and blue bike that I use to get around campus.  The brakes don't work.  They've been like that since the first month I got it.  Guess what?!?  It got stolen.  I hope whoever took it knows that.  It sucks that the most common crime in Davis is bike theft.  Victim #4353534....here.  Now, I'm gonna have to get a new bike.  I really wanted that bike to last me one more year.  For me, the campus is too huge, and I'm a slow walker.  Kinda need 2 wheels.

This summer has been particularly sucky b/c of family drama.  I'd rather not think about it right now.  Onto the enjoyable dramas...

I love Maou although the ratings for it are not that great.  Go Ohno!  He's so good at portraying his character.  I also watched Ohno's play, Tensei Kunpuu.  He was so sweaty in that.  You could see the sweat dripping off of his face.   

I have decided to watch Yi San because of Lee Seo Jin.  That man can act.  He can cry so well.  77 episodes of a historical drama.  Ahhh.  Kill me now...  At least I'm learning more about Korean culture and history...  :)

I already watched him be the dimpled gangster in Lovers, which was quite enjoyable until the last episode.  Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun:  Get married already!  You guys are too cute together!  :)  Then, of course, there is Phoenix.  That was how I got introduced to him.  I wanted to watch Eric and ended up falling in love with LSJ's acting.  <3 Eric.  Lee Seo Jin might not be the best looking actor out there, but he's really good.  And...Freeze...well, blah.

LSJ with KJE in Lovers

Anyway, after Yi San, I'm moving onto Eric's Strongest Chil Woo.  I wonder if they'll be done subbing it yet.  I think WithS2 just finished episode 8.  I love fansubbers.  Thanks!  After Chil Woo, back to LSJ with Damo.

To stickerbox: Guess what?  Lee Seo JIn went to NYU.  Did I mention he has crazy muscles?

SHINee is killing me...in good and bad ways.

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Steph: yes it's true // jhstickerbox on September 1st, 2008 09:53 pm (UTC)
wtfwtfwtf I DID NOT SEE THIS POST. You're bike got stolen?? D:< I hope whoever stole it doesn't know the brakes don't work and then smashes into a pole or smth. Maybe buy a scooter? That could be fun. :D

Whoaaa, drama crazy. You're throwing around all these names I don't know. But whhhat LSJ went to NYU?? I want to see crazy muscles naoooo.

SHINee is bad, BAD I TELL YOU. They want to ruin noonas lives with their underage sexiness. Especially Taemin and his asdkfha;sdf; hair. ♥ If they go to HB (and they better!) I might attack them.
cjplbmcjplbm on September 2nd, 2008 07:11 pm (UTC)
Yep, it did. It was such a lame bike too. A scooter would be awesome, but I already told my dad to get me another bike this week. Besides, I don't think I can use it on all the hills in SF. That thing will totally die on me. lols.

Yea, I totally am. 18/77 of Yi San. I'm still going... I basically blabbed about LSJ and his gf. They're too cute. I'll find some pics of LSJ with his man-muscles...

Hey, at least they're in Korea right now. I seriously don't know what you're gonna do at HB next year...cuz I'm like almost so sure that they'll be there. We're gonna be closer too. What if you climb on the stage? Should I be bringing a straitjacket? I know...Taemin's hair is too great. Like I said, he should keep his bowlcut. :)